Madeline (Mads) Lizotte

This is me and my husband Brett. He's my side kick at weddings and in life. We love adventure, laughing and the small town life.   

We call a tiny town in Minnesota home, but we constantly have the adventure bug. 

I am a hugger who likes hugs. So I will most likely hug you. 

I am fluent in sarcasm and sass. Those are my two favorite languages. 

My love language is coffee and real conversations. Please let me buy you coffee and hear about what makes you, you!  

Life Motto: Embrace the Awkwardness. I might make you do awkward things like squish your faces really close together because I believe those few seconds of raw emotion make the BEST photographs. 

My passion for photography comes from the love of getting to know other people's stories within ordinary moments, such as over a cup of coffee, and big moments, like your wedding day.

Every person has a story. A story that matters. There is a beautiful vulnerability that happens when you let a photographer capture a glimpse of that story.  

I believe that life is all about relationships. I want to capture those relationships in their most authentic form and build a relationship with you in the process!