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Hi Friend!

My name is Madeline. I have big messy hair that matches my messy life. Something that brings me the most joy is meeting new friends and following them around with a camera. I love learning the real and raw story behind each person and then translating that to images. My style is to encourage authentic interactions between people with lots of laughter, heartfelt words and of course, happy dancing. Always happy dancing. So, tell me your story. All the messy, broken, beautiful parts of it. It’s all worth capturing.


What i capture

Whether you’re newly engaged, been married for years, or just want to capture some moments with your loved ones, I am totally here for it. I think as much as there’s value in the big moments like saying “I do”, there’s also immense value in the moments in between. The daily life moments that you’ll look back and miss someday. I would love to be a part of telling the big and the small parts of your story.



Basically, I just want to hang out and be your new best friend with a camera. I want to know your story and why the two of you are so darn good together. Let’s plan a day of frolicking, giggles and obviously lots of snuggles and kisses between the two of you.



When I shoot a wedding, I want it to feel like I’m one of your friends who happens to be following you around with a camera capturing all of the little moments that will bring back all the feels when you look back. We’ll go through all the happy dances and happy tears together.



Life is full of little moments you don’t want to forget. New life, little humans running around, places that feel like home, people that feel like home , and everything in between…



Seniors! The time of life where you’re ready to be independent but could your mom please continue to cook for you and pay your bills? Been there, done that! I want to spend a few hours hearing about your dreams for the future and capturing you in this awesome season of life!


The Happy Dance Moments.


And Everything in between…