New Years Eve Engagement

Brett and I always say that the best decision we made on our wedding day (besides actually getting married ;)) was having Caitlin be a part of our day. She’s also a photographer and if you haven’t checked her out yet, you’re missing out! Since then, she has become a treasured friend who I could not imagine my life without. So, of course, when Landon reached out to me asking if I would capture him proposing to Caitlin, I did what any normal person would do… ran around my house happy dancing and squealing.

We came up with a plan and when the day came (New Years Eve), Caitlin arrived at the park with the thought that her and I were location scouting. It was MAGICAL outside. We haven’t seen snow like this the entire winter except for Caitlin and Landon’s day. As we walked down the path just chatting away, Caitlin noticed the Christmas lights strung across the pathway and paused… she said something like “that’s weird…” I just kept walking trying not to let her see me smiling. In the distance we could see a person walking towards us. That’s when she stopped and said “wait… is this for me???” I just smiled and said “well why don’t you go find out!”. Landon met her under the chandelier and asked her to spend forever with him. Obviously she said yes ;).

You guys, I have never seen anyone as giddy as Caitlin was as he got down on his knee! She literally couldn’t contain herself and it was the greatest thing ever. The rest of the evening, neither of them could wipe the grins off their faces. These two are such special humans and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them! Cait & Landon, we love you! :)