Evelina One Year

Evelina Jo. One year ago, we were watching the Super Bowl and my phone buzzed with a text from your mom saying “my water broke dancing to Justin Timberlake!”. After a very long labor, you said hi to the world for the first time! It was the coolest thing watching your mom and dad meet you, they were so happy you were finally here.

Now, you are one! You point your finger up in the air to tell all of us how old you are, you smell your stinky toes and you love fake coughing and sneezing. Ev, you are a light to every person you meet with your giant grin and sweet sweet hugs and kisses. You have your momma’s gentle soul and your dada’s sense of humor (you find yourself pretty hilarious lol). You call me Llama and every day I see you, you amaze me with how smart you are and how fast you grow! I can’t wait to see the amazing human you grow to be and all of the hearts you touch along the way. Happy Birthday, Evie Jo!