Taylors Falls Snow Storm Engagement | Jake + Abbie

Jake & Abbie

One of the first things Abbie and Jake told me when I met them was how much they both loved winter which is why they are getting married in December! I told them that I definitely don’t share that love, but I’d be pumped and love winter on their wedding day ;). These winter lovers really wanted snow for their engagement pictures… and boy did we get snow! The roads were slow and covered getting up to Taylors Falls, it was coming down so hard you could hardly see the river and these two were ready to make the best of it! I quickly realized how hard it is to run in snow and that it actually is very slippery lol These two are so much fun! They were full of giggles and were excited and ready for every idea that I had. Snow and cold might not be my favorite things, but I could definitely get used to it if it means hanging out with people like them :). Jake and Abbie, I can’t wait for December, your day is going to be magical :).